The Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival comes complete with its own vintage mobile cinema. It is a fantastic space and there is a great line of of radical films


Who owns the truth?

The government or the people? The citizens or the corporations?

According to contemporary liberal discourse social media is facilitating the spread of 'fake news' in an unprecedented way. But manipulation of the 'news,' (otherwise known as lying), has been a central part of 'democratic' politics forever. The films selected this year explore the relationship between government, big business and the press and how the flow of information and ideas available to the rest of us is influenced, controlled and manipulated.

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME - subject to change

Friday 14th July

4pm Ace In The Hole 1951 Dir. Billy Wilder 1:51                                                          

6pm The Sweet Smell Of Success 1957 Dir. Alexander Mackendrick 1:36                                             

8pm Citizen Kane 1942 Dir. Orson Welles 2 hours



Saturday 15th July         

10.30am All The President's Men 1976 Dir. Alan J. Pakula   2:18                              

1pm The War Game 1965 Dir. Peter Watkins   48mins                 

2pm Network 1976 2 hours                                        

4.15pm The Plan 2017 Dir: Steve Sprung  1 hour                 

 5.30 The Great Sitdown 1976 Prod. Stephen Peet 52 mins

6.30pm The Most Dangerous Man In America: Daniel Ellsberg And The PentagonPapers 2009 (documentary) 1:32

 8.15pm Snowden 2016 Dir: Oliver Stone  2:14


Sunday 16th July


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