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Walter Crane Labour Christmas card


Walter Crane (1845 – 1915) was an English artist and book illustrator. He was a member of the Arts and Crafts movement and produced an array of paintings, illustrations, children’s books, ceramic tiles and other decorative arts. From the early 1880s, initially under William Morris’s influence, Crane was closely associated with the Socialist movement, creating of a number of iconic Socialist images and doing much to bring art into the daily life of all classes.

“The cause of labour is the hope of the world”
This illustration is based on an original engraving by Crane for an issue of the Labour Leader in 1897. The Labour Leader was a newspaper suppporting the Independent Labour Party published from the late 19th entury well into the 20th, only ceasing publication in 1986 after the ILP was absorbed into the current Labour Party. 

Made from sustainably managed Swedish forests and printed in the UK. 


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