The Tolpuddle Martyrs were a group of agricultural labourers who were tried and transported to Australia for the 'crime' of trying to form a union. Their story is key to the formation of modern trades unionism.

This online store lets you buy books, presentation gifts and memorabilia about the Martyrs.

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This year, as a result of the Coronavirus, we can't all be together here in July for the Festival. Instead, we shall host an Online Tolpuddle Festival, share great music and inspiring speakers & workshops from the safety of our own homes, helping to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Although it will be Online, it will be a real Festival, with real performances by real artists and real speakers. People will be able to get involved online. But without ticket sales, it will be difficult for us to put the festival on. Performing artists do this as their job, so they do need to be paid. Your donation, however small, will make a big difference to the festival we are able to put on. In the current crisis, it is more important than ever that we can still come together and celebrate the spirit of Tolpuddle. Your support will make this possible.


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