See where history was made

The village of Tolpuddle is now a small, quiet place, full of charming cottages. It is hard to imagine the turbulent events that took place here in 1834. Experience the story through the new audio-visual trail. Download the free Tolpuddle App onto your own phone or device or hire a tablet from the Museum.

Maxine Peake narrates the story and guides you through re-enactments of the story, vintage films and contemporary interviews. The App is packed with short films and inlcudes activities for children.

A fold-out paper trail is available and works well alongside the audio-visual guide. It suggest you start from the Tolpuddle Martyrs' Museum. The Museum stands in the centre of a row of six Memorial Cottages built in 1934 by the Co-operative Wholesale Society.

The trail takes about an hour, longer if you stop an enjoy what the Martyrs Inn offers or you enjoy the tranquil setting of Orchard Meadow.


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