2022 Radical History School Programme

Back in person, this year’s school is themed around: Migration, Immigration and Transportation

Hosted in the Village Hall, 47 Main Road, Tolpuddle DT2 7HF

Thursday 14 July

Racism, class and citizenship: the past and present of immigration controls Bridget Anderson Director Migration Mobilities Bristol (MMB) University of Bristol Nandita Sharma University of Hawaii and Bristol Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor

Counting citizens/monitoring migrants: the historical census and immigration Dr Gayle Lonergan Course lead for BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations, Lecturer in Politics, Ruskin College

The Biggest forced migration in history: why reparations for slavery is a trade union issue Professor Steve Cushion

Creating the colour Line: Race, Riot and Resistance in Cardiff, 1880-1960 Neil Evans


Friday 15 July

Village Walk and a Visit to Old Methodist Chapel with Tony Gould

Conviction Politics Professor Tony Moore Monash University

Strangers, Silk and Sedition: Radical Huguenots and the Achievement of Toleration, 1695-1727 Dr John Callow GMB London Region and University of Suffolk

Migration: the Russian working class and the 1917 revolution Professor Chris Read University of Warwick

Putting Stories of class, ethnicity and gender into the long history of migration Joanna de Groot University of York

Calling for a Future without Detention ProfessoDavid Herd University of Kent in conversation with a contributor to Refugee Tales with lived experience of detention

Cardiff – City of Immigration, The story of a nineteenth century family Dave Steele University of Warwick


Saturday 16 July

Immigration and the labour movement in the nineteenth century Dr Steven Parfitt

The horrors of transportation? Penal policy and lived experience Dr Rose Wallis University of the West of England

Cousin Jack: a Tale of Cornish Migration Les Kennedy

The fee for the Radical History School includes an adult Weekend Festival pass – Book Here