The Radical History School is an important part of our work. Open to all, it is a great chance to learn more about radical and trade union history.

Apart from the Radical History School that runs alongside the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival (14-16 July) all sessions are on Zoom and live-streamed on either our Facebook group or YouTube channel. Sign up to the next monthly session below or catch up on the ones you missed.

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2022 Radical History School Programme Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 July

Migration, Immigration and Transportation 

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Valentine Ackland and Sylvia Townsend Walker

The two left-wing poets from Dorset have a fascinating story. The female poets were lifelong partners but became objects of intense state scrutiny by MI5 because of their supposedly ‘unconventional’ lives. We invite Frances Bingham, author of ‘Valentine Ackland: A Transgressive Life’ to explain more. 

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Margaret Bondfield

Professor Sue Milner from the University of Bath tells the controversial story of the shop worker from Chard who went on to become Britain’s first female cabinet member. A trade unionist and equal rights activist, this talk explores the life and times of the left’s Maggie.




In conversation with… Sheila Rowbotham 

Daring to Hope.
Known internationally for her work on feminism and radical social history, author and historian Sheila Rowbotham joins the Radical History School to share stories of her life as a socialist activist and campaigner. Having helped start the Women’s Liberation Movement in Britain, Sheila has campaigned tirelessly for women, workers and progressive change throughout her life.

For this special event, we invite young historian Iris Kaye-Smith to delve into Sheila’s latest book ‘Daring to Hope’ which details her activism during the turbulent 1970s as well as explore Sheila’s contributions to the socialist and feminist movements.

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