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The Tolpuddle Martyrs were a group of agricultural labourers who were tried and transported to Australia for the 'crime' of trying to form a union. Their story is key to the formation of modern trades unionism. Buy books, gifts and memorabilia about the Martyrs and the labour movement. 

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Shop : General Books : 1913 China Clay Strike

The 1913 China Clay Strike

In 1913 some 5,000 workers, their families and communities were involved in a ten-week long strike over pay and union rights. Police brought in from South Wales led a baton charge on the strikers to the shock of the local community. After an eventful summer, the strikers went back to work defeated but not downhearted and the union continued to grow and organise. Within weeks the largest employer realised that a deal had to be done and a settlement was reached that gave the workers all that they had been fighting for. 
56 page book, compiled and designed by Nigel Costley, South West TUC Regional Secretary in collaboration with Wheal Martyn Museum, China Clay History Society, Unite the Union and Imerys.


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