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Friday 19 July

17:00-17:50 – Why Class Matters

At a time of almost unimaginable inequality, the mainstream still tries to ignore class. Shelly Asquith explores Why Class Matters with author Chris Nineham, in discussion on what working class means,  how the denial of class is no coincidence, and critically how it must be placed at the centre of emancipatory politics.

With Chris Nineham (Author, Why Class Matters) and Shelly Asquith (TUC/Stop the War Coalition).

18:00-19:30 – Building Workers’ Power

Bringing you the voices at the heart of our movement – our inspiring activists and reps – we hear exactly what they have been doing, what more needs to be done, and why we are continually inspired by the power of workers.

With Maria Chondrogianni (President-elect, UCU), Angela Duerden (Unite), Martin Cavanagh (PCS President), Hannah David (TUC South West Chair/PCS) and more.

Saturday 20 July

10:15-11:15 – End the Genocide, Stop Arming Israel led by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Organised by our comrades in PSC, we discuss the activism and urgency that has brought 100,000s if not millions of people to the streets of the UK to demand a ceasefire and urge the government to stop arming Israel.

With Daniel Kabede (NEU General Secretary), Fran Heathcote (PCS General Secretary), Stella Swain (PSC Youth & Student Campaigns Officer), Jo MacGregor (Dorset PSC), Becci Brookman (UNISON NEC)

11:30-12:30 – Hard to Reach? Organising Outsourced and Migrant Workers

Come and hear stories from the front lines on the successes and challenges of organising workers who are systematically marginalised; and unpack exactly why our movement’s only true avenue to being the voice working people so badly need is through effective organising of workers in these areas. Mutual liberation in action.

With Fran Heathcote (PCS General Secretary), Adekunle Akinola (UNISON activist), David Imre and Istvan Imre (Unite activists), plus more to be announced.

12:45-13:45 – The Future of the Creative Industry – funding, AI, and working class heritage

The creative industry is at a choke point. The creative sector is a mental health lifeline to all of us, as made obvious through the pandemic, but is still the first sector targeted for funding cuts and the first to suffer from struggling economic conditions. Meanwhile, new technology seeks to automate creativity, but can the soul of humanity really be replicated through artificial intelligence? Come hear from leading activists in the creative sector on the struggles ahead for the creative industry and how we can protect our arts and culture.

14:00-15:00  – A Good Deal for Working People? Workers Rights After the Election – organised by Institute for Employment Rights & Campaign for Trade Union Freedom


  • Alex Gordon: President, RMT
  • Gawain Little: General Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions
  • Prof Keith Ewing: Campaign for Trade Union Freedom/Institute of Employment Rights
  • Maryam Eslamdoust: General Secretary, TSSA
  • Sarah Woolley: General Secretary, Bakers’ Food & Allied Workers’ Union
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Chair – Steve Preddy: Regional Secretary, Unite South West

15:30-17:00 – Taking Back Control of our Public Services

Across the board our public sector institutions and services have been hived off and privatised for decades. Key workers outsourced and employed at bottom-rate pay and at arms length to the very patients and customers who rely on these vital services. In the meantime, private companies rake in the taxpayers money their shareholders.
From nationalising the railways, investing in the NHS, fairer energy prices, to proper funding for our schools, local government, and solving the social care crisis, there is a lot for the new government to tackle. Looking for solutions? Just ask the trade union movement.

With Shavanah Taj (TUC Wales General Secretary), Neil Duncan-Jordan (MP for Poole), Mark Thomas (99 percent organisation), Sebastian Michonowicz (ASLEF activist & TUC South West Vice Chair)

Sunday 21 July

10:00 – Surprise session

We are finalising the details of a juicy little book-related discussion with some people you’re definitely going to want to hear from. Stay tuned…

11:00-12:00 – How Do we Fix our Education System?

Our education system is broken – crumbling schools, teaching staff leaving in droves, the most stressed out profession, funding cut to the bone, Ofsted inspections not fit for purpose, the list is endless. After 14 long years, what will unions be demanding under a new government?

With Kudsia Batool (TUC head of Strategic Governance), Daniel Kabede (NEU General Secretary), Patrick Roach (NASUWT General Secretary), Paul Whiteman (NAHT General Secretary).