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The Festival kicks off midday on Friday as campers arrive in Tolpuddle to experience a weekend for supporters of the labour movement.


All day: Radical History School (tickets sold separately)

NASUWT Kids Area open from 13:00 – 19:00

14.00 Acoustic Stage: Siobhán

14.35 Acoustic StageArthur Kitchener

15.10 Acoustic Stage: Rachel Hill

15.45 Acoustic Stage: Badgerfox

16:00 International Tent: Connect for Palestine

16.20 Acoustic Stage: Reg Meuross

17:00 Tolpuddle Fringe: Why Class Matters

18:00 Tolpuddle Fringe: Building Workers’ Power (opening rally)

18:00 Solidarity Tent: The Hardy Players’ production of “Six Men of Dorset”

18:00 Village Hall: The Fight for Trade Unions at GCHQ – I Won’t Sign

19:00 Martyrs Marquee: Boris and the Joy

19:45 Village Hall: An Audience with Dr. Jill Stein

20.15 Martyrs Marquee: Reg Meuross – Stolen from God

From 21.00 Tolpuddle Fringe: DJ sets

21.30 Martyrs Marquee: Kima Otung

22:45 Martyrs Marquee: Alt Blk Era