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Sunday – Martyrs’ Day

On Sunday, the tiny village of Tolpuddle gets even more visitors as they arrive to take part in the big procession to commemorate the Martyrs. The road is closed from 13.00 – 18.00 to allow for the many unions banners march through the narrow road.

Great music keeps the vibe of the Festival going as we also welcome some big trade unionists to rally the thousands of visitors on the Main Stage.


NASUWT’s Kids Area is open 9:00 – 17:00.

This page will be continually updated as content is added to the programme: keep an eye out for the highly anticipated Talking in Tents schedule!


11:00 Main Stage: Mischa and his Merry Men

11:00 Martyrs’ Marquee: Maria Tucker

11:00 St John’s Parish Church: Songs of Praise

11:40 Martyrs’ Marquee: Bridget Hart

11:55 Main Stage: FFTP

12:20 Martyrs’ Marquee: Anne-Marie Allen

12:30 Main Stage: Speakers

13:00 Main Stage: Dakka Skanks

13:00 Martyrs Marquee: Sam Draisey

13:00 Wreath Laying ceremony at James Hammett’s grave


15:15: Main Stage: Speakers

15.45 Main Stage: NoGood Boyo

15:45 Martyrs Marquee: Katie Grace Harris

16:45 Main Stage: Gonora Sounds

17:00 Methodist Chapel: Special service led by Revd. John Yarrien – all welcome