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Six farm workers arrested and sentenced to seven years’ transportation for taking an illegal oath.

24 March 1834

Grand Meeting of the Working Classes called by Robert Owen. London to Dorchester Committee formed to mount campaign to win free pardons.

21 April 1834

Massive demonstration on Copenhagen Fields, London.


800,000 signed petition for free pardons.

14 March 1836

Free pardons granted. Public Dinner held to celebrate.

17 March 1838

Five of the Martyrs landed in Plymouth and on 16th April they were the star guests at a Grand Dinner at White Conduit House, London.

14th November 1838

Some 6,000 workers met near Blandford to demand the People’s Charter for voting reform. Landowners on horses tried to scare them off.

22 September 1839

James Hammett returned to join the others on stage at the Victoria Theatre (now the Old Vic), London.


All but James Hammett emigrated to Canada.


James Hammett built new Tolpuddle Methodist Chapel.


Trades Union Congress was formed.


National Union of Agricultural Labourers was formed, led by Joseph Arch.


Presentation was made to James Hammett in a marquee in Briantspuddle led by farm union leaders George Howell, Howard Evans and Mr Cox.


National Union of Agricultural Labourers was dissolved.